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Timely Tips for Parents

Enjoy simple tips that you can easily implement with your family today

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Gaming Safety

Gaming online is a favorite amongst kids. As a parent, it's important to be aware of what happens on the games your children play. 

Starts with You

Our youth need guidance to being digitally safe and healthy. That guidance is not by word only but how we as adults engage with technology.

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Social Media

We know social media plays an important role for our teens. It provides a sense of safety to behave in certain ways. Learn more about how you can help your children be mindful about the effects of social media.

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Your child has a what?

The time has come where your child is trusted with a device of their own. What can you do to ensure they have a positive and safe experience with that device?

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Cyberbullying has become a more common form of bullying within the last decade. What to look for and how to respond.

Protecting Private Information

How do you protect your private information? By following these simple tips you can better protect yourself and your family.

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Modeling a Healthy Tech Balance

As adults it is our responsibility to demonstrate to our children what a healthy tech balance looks like. Learn what steps you can take to living a more balanced tech life.

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